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"Ten million new millionaires will be created between 2006-2016,
and The Next Millionaires explains how you can become one
of them--especially if you are in direct selling, technology,
home-based business, product distribution, or an emerging
trillion-dollar industry like wellness."
Paul Zane Pilzer
Tampogo harnesses the most cutting edge trends of the 21st century: Online Shopping, Social Networking, Charity & Non-Profit Fundraising, and MLM Network Marketing to create a  VERY powerful residual income opportunity for individuals and Non Profit organizations.

" You have just found one of the most unique companies ever developed! "
Chuck Stebbins, Founding Partner of Intermix (Original parent company of MySpace)
Isaac McLemore, Expert Network Marketer & Metabolife Master Distributor

"You have experienced the mega success of MySpace.

Now... you have the opportunity to Share in the Success of Tampogo"

From our business plan to our commitment to end world hunger, Tampogo is a company you will be proud to be part of building. Tampogo is founded on the concept of making money and driving revenue for all who participate. At our core, Tampogo believes that each individual should have the opportunity to make a difference in their personal financial picture as well as the opportunity to provide hope and a future for those less fortunate. We have consistently pursued ways to ensure that our Tampogo business plan profits individuals and makes a significant impact on the charitable causes our members care most about. Tampogo invites you to be part of a truly unique opportunity.

Perhaps The Best Reason To Join Tampogo Home Business is:

No Investment!
Tampogo is a Revolutionary Residual Income Opportunity that Requires NO Out of Pocket Expenses to Get Started!

No Inventory!
Tampogo DOES NOT Require You To Store, Track, or Ship Products!

No Selling!
Tampogo Requires NO SELLING! Simply Share an Opportunity and Earn a Residual Income as it spreads virally across the internet

No Risk!
With Tampogo, You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose and So Much to gain

No Income Limits!
Join Tampogo Today and You're on your way to financial freedom

You WILL NOT be required to sell anything or make any investment. Simply, join Tampogo for FREE and become a Network Partner in our rapidly growing network of residual income opportunity shoppers. The Tampogo Network will grow virally as Network Partners tell their friends about this unique residual income opportunity, the same way sites like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace have grown to enormous levels so fast. The difference is, with Tampogo, you earn more and more residual income as your Tampogo network grows!

What Makes Tampogo Home Business  So Unique?

1.  Simple To Use!
    Tampogo is designed to be SIMPLE to use!

2.  FREE to JOIN!
    Tampogo has NO registration fees and NO membership Fees!

3.  Amazing Products at Unmatched Prices!
    Tampogo offers amazing products that individuals want and use EVERYDAY     at UNMATCHED prices!  Each product purchased provides IMMEDIATE              payment to Network Partners.

4.  Significant Residual Income Stream Potential!
    Tampogo offers Network Partners AND Non-Profit Organizations the            opportunity to develop a significant residual income stream.

5.  A Starving Child Is Fed!
    A starving child somewhere in the world will be fed for one week every time an       item is purchased through Tampogo.

How Do I Get Started With Tampogo?

1.  Click On This Link to Join Tampogo for FREE:

Join Tampogo

2.  Become an ACTIVE Tampogo iRep immediately by purchasing a single Fast Track Product (There are hundreds UNDER $30).

3.  Start Sharing The Story of Tampogo with Friends, Family, and Non-Profit Organizations.

4.  Qualify For ONE or ALL of the Tampogo "Life Changing" Bonus Opportunities and Optional Programs Like Tampogo Tango!
Online Shopping:
The Online Shopping industry has grown to over $200 billion dollars annually!
Tampogo CEO, Chuck Stebbins:
Chuck Stebbins is perhaps best kown for his role in creating the Mega successful MySpace. Chuck has also marketed and sold over 1 billion dollars in products! Tampogo is definitely in great hands with Chuck Stebbins leading the way! 

You have experienced the success of MySpace.  Now you have the opportunity to share in the success of Tampogo. Join Tampogo!
Social Networking:
Facebook, YouTube and MySpace have grown to enormous levels in the Social Networking industry as people build their "friends" networks.
Internet Affiliate Marketing:
In 2006, more than $6.5 billion was paid out for affiliate marketing.  It is estimated that in 2009, the pay out will exceed  $10 billion in  affiliate marketing commissions.
Tampogo:  FREE to JoinRequires No Investment, No Selling, No Inventory, No Risk.  That makes this business EXTREMELY easy to promote and market!  This business is perfect for the beginner AND the experienced home based business entrepreneur, mlm, network marketer, or social networker.
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MLM Network Marketing:
The typical financial business model of a MLM network marketing companys consisting of zero debt, low overhead, high commission pay outs, as well as, tremendous risidual income potential continue to attract home based business seekers at an increasing rate.
Since Tampogo Fundraising is a process, it will not end like your typical fundraising programs. Tampogo Fundraising process is a vehicle for your non profit organization to create a fundraising machine that keeps on generating donations month after month, year after year as your Tampogo Fundraising network grows and grows.
Tampogo Fundraising Process allows Charities and Non Profit Organizations to surpass monetary objectives and reach levels never before matched, especially in a challenging economy.
The Tampogo Fundraising Process harnesses the the most cutting edge trends of the 21st century.
By using the Tampogo Fundraising Process, Charities and Non Profit Organizations are able to build a residual income stream in a way never before possible!
Tampogo Home Business:
The Perfect Formula To Build Massive Residual Income for Individuals and Non-Profit Organizations while helping to Stop World Hunger! Join Tampogo Fundraising!
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Non-Profit Residual Income Opportuniy
Free Invitation Code: NP10698
Free Invitation Code: NP10698
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