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"Ten million new millionaires will be created between 2006-2016,
and The Next Millionaires explains how you can become one
of them--especially if you are in direct selling, technology,
home-based business, product distribution, or an emerging
trillion-dollar industry like wellness."
Paul Zane Pilzer
TamPogo Join FREE MLM business opportunity was conceived and created in the summer of 2009 by top leaders in the fields of affiliate marketing and Internet marketing. TamPogo quickly established itself as one of the world’s fastest growing web destinations. Tampogo's commitment to you as an affiliate, to the environment and to the starving children of the planet is unparalleled.

Tampogo is Free to join with incredible value.  TamPogo offers a unique shopping and internet business model with products that are “naturally” wonderful. Welcome to Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM business opportunity.
SOLID Proven Business Leadership:  Tampogo CEO, Chuck Stebbins is perhaps best kown for his role in creating the international Mega successful MySpace. Chuck Stebbins has also marketed and sold over 2 billion dollars in products nationally and internationally online and via retail outlets! Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM business opportunity is definitely in great hands with Chuck Stebbins leading the way! 

You have experienced the success of MySpace.  Now you have the opportunity to share in the success of Tampogo. Join Tampogo Today!
Think of the best online shopping experience you know.  Now think of a place where you can purchase the same products you buy everyday at significant discounts.  Imagine this business belongs to you!  This is TamPogo "Join FREE" MLM business opportunity: the one of a kind experience where “online shopping” meets “your very own online business.”

TamPogo "Join FREE" MLM business opportunity is an online shopping site featuring thousands of high demand products sold at incredible prices.  TamPogo is also the BEST no-cost way to own an online business.

TamPogo is designed to generate income for you in two ways.  First, you become an iRep for FREE and sign up Direct Customers to buy products from your personalized TamPogo website.  Second, you sign up other iReps on your team.  Now you are on your way to creating real revenue!

   * TamPogo is FREE to join
   * No membership fee
   * No registration fee
   * No parties to host
   * No product inventory

The marketing landscape has shifted dramatically from advertising agencies, billboards and expensive TV commercials to social networking and blogging.  TamPogo "Join FREE" MLM business opportunity is ALREADY spreading like wildfire through the viral power of the internet.

The revolutionary new way to shop and make money online is here.  Be a part of it.

Ready.  Set.  TamPogo!
Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM business opportunity is designed to ADD money to your pocket, beyond the Tampogo basic compensation plan, simply by becoming eligible for stackable bonuses based on real world sales of an incredible array of Pure Chemistry products. You can qualify for one bonus or many. Once you qualify for a specific bonus, you get paid every month. MOST bonuses are easy to obtain. See the Tampogo Bonus Chart for all the details.
Tampogo MLM Opportunity:  Join FREE MLM.  Requires No Investment, No Selling, No Inventory, No Risk.  That makes this free mlm business opportunity EXTREMELY easy to promote and market!  This free to join mlm business opportunity is perfect for the beginner AND the experienced mlm home business entrepreneur, mlm, network marketer, or social networker who desires to succeed with a simple cutting edge join free mlm business opportunity.
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Become a Tampogo ACE!

Activate: Join TamPogo for FREE, then become ACIVE immediately by making a simple $30 Fast Track purchase.

Consistency: Make your required Fast Track purchase to stay ACTIVE every month.  Share the Tampogo opportunity.  Continue to help your team in small ways every day.

Educate: Learn about the great products at TamPogo and educate others on them.
Are you ready to become a Tamogo ACE?  If so, you are well positioned to enjoy all the incredible rewards that TamPogo "Join FREE MLM business opportunity has to offer.
Tampogo International Home Business:
The Perfect Formula To Build Massive International Residual Income for Individuals and Non-Profit Organizations while helping to Stop World Hunger!
Healthy Chocolate Store
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Free Invitation Code: NP10698
Free Invitation Code: NP10698
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"Wealth Is Hidden From Those Who Must Do It Themselves...

Wealth Exposes Itself To Those Patient Enough To Train Others"

This fundamental wealth building principle is evident throughout Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM business opportunity.
Tampogo Fundraising Program:
During these harsh economic times, many charitable organizations have been faced with the expanding challenge of finding the critical funds needed to continue their community support traditions.

Charities and non profit organizations (large and small) are frantically calling for new, out-of-the-box, innovative, and “new age” ways of raising money that are NOT “financially intrusive” to supporters who, themselves, are struggling to make ends meet during these difficult times.

Tampogo Fundraising has answered the call!  Tampogo Fund Raising concept is actually quite simple, easy to administer, and will be widely acceptable by your supporters.  Perhaps the best thing about Tampogo Fundraising is that there is:

* NO Investment
  * NO Inventory
  * NO Selling
  * NO Risk
  * NO Income Limits

required for your non profit organization!
Understanding Network Marketing

You will gain a tremendous appreciation of just how powerful this Tampogo "join FREE MLM business" opportunity is by truly understanding network marketing.

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Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM Business Opportunity business model is positioned at the front of the basketball.  Watch the 20 minute network marketing video to understand this business trend concept and just how powerful and lucrative it can be for you when you join Tampogo.
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"If It Sounds TOO GOOD To Be True...

Is That A GOOD ENOUGH Reason NOT To Take A Good Look At It To See For YOURSELF?"

Here's What You Should Look For In A Solid MLM Business Opportunity

1.  HUGE Expanding Market.  On Average, EVERY 8 SECONDS, another "Baby Boomer" reaches the age of retirement.  The "baby boomers" comprise the largest expanding demographic group alive!  They control 65% of the wealth, thus 65% of every dollar spent.  Their TOP 5 Priorities are:
1.  Health
2.  Looking Younger
3.  Retirement Issues
4.  Wills & Estate Planning
5.  Security & Money

When you take a good look at Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM Business Opportunity, you will find that Tampogo is well positioned at the "front" of this HUGE expanding market.

2.  Unique & Consumable Products.  Tampogo CEO, Chuck Stebbins is a BioChemist.  He has masterminded the creation of some of the most cutting edge health supplements and unique weight loss consumable products on the planet!  Each Tampogo iRep is given a Tampogo Online Store that contains 1,000's and 1,000's of iIncredibly priced products, including health supplemts such as Super Resveratrol 500 and Tampogo's very own new cutting edge weigth loss product Crystal Thin.

3.  Timing.  A Solid MLM Business opportunity MUST be able to position itself IN FRONT of the LARGE Trends.  Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM opportunity business model is positioned at the FRONT of the LARGEST "growing trends" created by the "baby boomers" which are health and looking younger.  In fact, health and looking younger is a HUGE growing trend that is shared by EVERY adult age demographic.

Giving the current state of the economy, more and more individuals are turning to the MLM home business opportunity as a viable income source.  Unfortunately, the current state of the economy makes it EXTREMELY difficult for MLM business opportunity seekers to affod the "entry" cost of most MLM business opportunity plans.  Add to that the fact that even if the MLM business opportunity seeker could afford the entry fee associated with the mlm business plan, the montly "auto ship" spending requirements would eventually cause them to drop out  or quit with "more money spent than earned".  The Tampogo MLM business opportunity is completely FREE to join!

4.  Employ Others.  Wealth is created through well positioned financial leverage.  Financial leverage is achieved when you create a structure that allows you to financially benefit from the efforts of others, while given them the SAME opportunity to create their own leverage.  Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM Business Opportunity allows YOU, the individual the opportunity to create the same type of leverage that EVERY CEO in the corporate structure has.  Tampogo is FREE to join which makes the Tampogo "Join FREE MLM Business opportunity EXTREMELY easy to promote and market, allowing you to "employ others" with NO upfront "out of pocket" money.

Corporate Pyramid Structure
The CEO of EVERY corporation is leveraging off the productivity of ALL the employees that work for the corporation.  The "unfairness" is that the CEO is the ONLY one with leverage.
Is The Tampogo
Join FREE MLM Business Opportunity a MLM Pyramid Scheme?
The ONLY way to create and have "true leverage" is to create a financial structure where EVERYONE has the SAME opportunity and amount to gain. The Tampogo "Join Free MLM Opportunity" financial structure provides this equal opportunity.
Join FREE MLM Pyramid Structure
This Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM Business Opportunity web site was designed to provide you with a greater understanding of the financial power of network marketing, as well as, a solid source of videos and information which enable you to make a wise decision on whether to join Tampogo's FREE MLM business opportunity.  Should you have any additional questions regarding this FREE MLM Business Opportunity, that you would like to submit to our CEO, Chuck Stebbins, email them to and they will be forwarded to him.
This 20 minute video presentation was designed by 2 Harvard professors to provide you with a much better understanding of network marketing.
The person who makes $10,000 a year AND the person who makes $10 Million a year BOTH have the same amount of time in a day - 24 HOURS!

The difference between the two is that the person who makes $10 Million a year understands how to use financial leverage to create wealth.  Tampogo "Join FREE" MLM business opportunity is design to maximize financial leverage and create wealth for ALL Tampogo iReps who join Tampogo, stay ACTIVE, and properly execute the simple Tampogo wealth building business plan.
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